2CQR have been supplying self–service and security products to libraries in the UK and abroad for over two decades.

Our innovation in RFID is solidly based on research and development. We are committed to a standards (ISO28560-2) based future and work with library clients to ensure compatibility, adaptability and effectiveness: delivering immediate results, maximising long-term opportunities and have extensive experience in migration from EM to RFID in small, large and across multiple library sites using different Library Management Systems.

Our Totem Kiosks and WonderWall multi-media units  have been hugely successful in advancing the scope of RFID and are now featured in libraries across the UK and Ireland.

New products like the PopUp library continue to demonstrate our ability to meet opportunities offered by RFID technology and our exciting, new “Baby” raises the bar in self-service facilities.

Complimenting our state-of-the-art products we are constantly adding refinements and new features to Lucid, our dedicated library software.


Axiell Partner

Axiell UK, formerly known as DS, provides library software solutions to one third of local authorities in the UK, while over 350 customers use Calm, the system of choice for Archives, Museums and Records Offices. The company is a leading business solutions supplier to libraries, archives, museums and records centres. Under the name of DS, the business served UK local government for over 30 years.

Axiell UK offers its customers both software and hardware and a full range of implementation, and facilities management and integration services and the company continues to be a pioneer in software development for libraries.

Axiell are a reseller of Insight Media's iCAM Systems

Insight Media are an Axiell Approved Partner


 Bibliotheca Partner

Bibliotheca is dedicated to the development of library management solutions that help sustain and grow libraries around the world. Our products are designed to provide a welcoming, intuitive and seamless experience for those that use the library, wherever they happen to be – at home, on the move or within the walls of the library itself.

We’ve worked with libraries for almost 50 years and are proud of the many innovations we’ve brought to the industry in partnership with cutting-edge, technology-minded customers around the world. We have offices in all major continents and support libraries in more than 70 countries through our dedicated distributors. We partner with more than 30,000 unique libraries, helping them evolve their services and connect with their communities.

By employing a host of degreed librarians and immersing ourselves in library trend conversations, we understand the unique management challenges that today’s libraries face. Our innovative solutions help libraries transform perceptions, increase access to collections and spaces, and provide engaging interactions, all with the aim of enhancing the user experience.

From our comprehensive range of library-based digital, RFID, Electromagnetic (EM) Tattle-Tape and hybrid solutions, to our cutting-edge digital eBook and eAudiobook lending service, bibliotheca’s goal is to enhance the overall importance of libraries, empowering them to reinvent their services and encourage lifelong learning today and well into the future.


Civica Partner

Civica is a market leader in software-based solutions that help organisations to improve service delivery and efficiency, with particular expertise in local government, social housing, enforcement, education and regulated markets. Blending consulting, software and managed services, the group supplies more than 1,700 customers in the UK, Australia, Singapore and the USA, including 90 per cent of the UK’s local authorities.

As one of the foremost international library suppliers, Civica Library and Learning has a 25-year pedigree in the sector across all library types including public, corporate and academic libraries. Civica’s Library and Learning division now has 19 Spydus customers in the UK, 17 of which are live library management systems. Spydus is a leading international library automation solution providing total information management in a single product, spanning all library types including academic, public, government and corporate libraries. In addition to managing bibliographic data, the system caters for multimedia collections, community information and historical archives. It is used at 1,500 libraries around the world, including as part of a national managed libraries service delivered to more than 350 primary, secondary and junior college schools in Singapore.

Spydus is a functionally rich, web-centric application, automating the full range of library functions The cornerstone is its indexing and retrieval engine, optimised for delivering high performance data merge and join operations.

Civica are a reseller of Insight Media's iCAM Systems



D-Tech International Ltd is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of high performance multi media detecting and dispensing technology for public space locations in the UK and overseas. Our success has been built in the library sector but in recent year’s we have seen an increase in cross sector demand for our EM, RF, RFIQ and RFID technologies for tracking, managing, protecting and forecasting demand.

With an impressive record of continued success we have earned a reputation as creative solution providers and forward thinking developers of new products to meet the needs of rapidly changing consumer demands. Research, development and system design is an important part of the company’s strategy for future growth and within that we are committed to developing environmentally friendly products.

The company has a nationwide team of sales and technical consultants with admin and manufacturing based at their head office in Suffolk.

Excellent customer service with an emphasis on direct contact and support has been crucial to our success. We believe that our job is to provide our customers with the very best, behind the scenes, cost effective, after sales care so that they can maintain service levels to their customers. In the words of one of our satisfied customers “D-tech understood what our success meant to us”.



SirsiDynix Partner

SirsiDynix is the global leader in strategic technology solutions for libraries - vital institutions whose primary mission is to make sense of the vast world of information for people and communities. This is an exciting role as libraries assist people in discovering and using knowledge, resources and other valuable content for their education, jobs and entertainment. In concert with key industry partners, SirsiDynix supports this strategic role for libraries by offering a comprehensive integrated suite of technology solutions for improving the internal productivity of libraries and enhancing their capabilities for meeting the needs of people and communities. SirsiDynix has approximately 4,000 library and consortia clients, serving more than 300 million people through more than 20,000 library outlets in the Americas, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific. More information is available at

Insight Media are a SirsiDynix Certification Partner




SOLUS provides digital information, discovery and transactional solutions for public libraries. All content is powered via our custom web based content management system. Libraries can broadcast content to Digital Signage, Library Apps (for Public, Staff & Lending Devices), People’s Network PCs, the OPAC and to popular Social Media channels. Recently SOLUS has developed and deployed a range of highly engaging multi-touch discovery devices including; digital tables, touch screens and24/7 through glass touch. SOLUS integrates with other library suppliers to pull content to enrich the experience cross-platform. In this case, the integration work with ICAM, allows library users to book PC sessions via the SOLUS Library App and to publicise PC availability on SOLUS Signage and other display devices.


Talis Partner

Talis is an established provider of library and information management software to public and academic libraries and has a long history as a technology innovator, a pioneer for open standards, and as a partner for its customers.

Working closely with world standards bodies such as the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative, and NISO, ongoing research activities include Web Services, Services Oriented Architectures, RDF based metadata and RSS.

Talis has recently announced a new Talis Library Platform which is an open, extensible, semantic web based software platform which will be the foundation upon which next generation applications will be developed.

Insight Media are a Talis Addition Partner